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India's Consumer Boom: The Road Ahead

1.“The Coming Boom.” The Economist. 3 May 2007
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3. Farrell, Diana & Beinhocker, Eric (2007, May 19) “The World’s Next Big Spenders.” Newsweek (International Edition).
4. The ‘Bird of Gold’: The Rise of India’s Consumer Market. ...

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China in Central Asia: Risk and Opportunity Works Cited:

1. Russel Ong “China’s Security Interests in Central Asia” Central Asian Survey December 2005 24 (4) 425 – 439
2. “Go West, Young Man: China’s Economic Explosion is Rippling out to Central Asia” The Economist January. 4 2007
3. “China's CITIC Group acquires Kazakhstan oil assets for 1.91bn dollars” BBC Monitoring ...

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APEC Free Trade Area Leaves Smaller Nations Skeptical

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum held in Hanoi from November 17 to 19 resulted in renewed discussions on trade. APEC leaders drafted a statement on the WTO’s Doha Development Agenda and the Hanoi Action Plan. [1] The leaders agreed on the need to continue the stalled round of Doha trade negotiations. However, they refuse to empower negotiators to ...

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Works Cited
APEC Free Trade Area Leaves Smaller Nations Skeptical
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