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GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development

Moldova, Republic OfMoldova, Republic Of

Area of Cooperation

Regional Security, Regional Economy, Trade Relations, Transport, Telecommunications


The GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development is a regional organization of four CIS states: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova.



GUAM is based in Yalta, Ukraine.


GUAM meets annually, with the last Summitt of Presidents of GUAM members held in Baku on June 19, 2007.

Goals, Targets, Objectives:

Within GUAM there are eight working groups, for the following topics: power engineering; transport; trade and economics; information science and telecommunications; culture; science and education; tourism; the struggle against terrorism, organized crime and dissemination of drugs.

One of the issues associated with GUAM is competition between two proposed transportation corridors to better link Europe with Asia. Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran have already been through rounds of negotiation on their plan, the North-South Transportation Corridor (INTSC); neighbouring countries (formerly, but no longer with the understandable exception of Armenia) have expressed enthusiasm as well. This corridor would travel along the border between Russia and the Baltic States of the European Union, then continue south through Ukraine, The USA would prefer the critical transportation corridor bypass both Russia and Iran. The plan proposed to GUAM by the United States crosses both the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.