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Trade Agreements

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Thailand - Australia Free Trade Agreement

Area of Cooperation

Goods: Agriculture, Meat, Horticulture, Dairy, Sugar, Wine, Processed food and beverages, automotive, services, investment, intellectual property, dispute settlement, trade facilitation, labor mobility

Sign Date

January 1, 2004

In Force Date

January 1, 1970


In Force since 2005, the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) is a market opening agreement which allows Australian products greater access.  Upon entry into force, Thailand eliminated more than half of its tariff, which over a significant amount of Australian exports. While Australian exports were previously pushed out of the Thailand market due to quotas and high tariffs, it now has access in numerous areas.



                                                               i.      Bilateral

Rules of Origin

                                                               i.      Change in Tariff heading ( 4 or 6 Digit level)

                                                             ii.      Value Added Content: 40-55% FOB value

                                                            iii.      No Specific Manufacturing Process Required


                                                               i.      Anti - Dumping : WTO Agreement on Implementation of WTO Art VI. Time frame: 12 months (6 for seasonal prods)

                                                             ii.      Countervailing Duties : Accepted, following WTO principles.

                                                            iii.      Safeguards : Accepted, for up to two years. Special provisions for agriculture


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Additional Links

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