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Trade Agreements

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Trade Agreements

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People's Republic of China - Chile Free Trade Agreement


Area of Cooperation

No Provisions for Agricultural Goods, intellectual property

Sign Date

January 1, 2005

In Force Date

January 1, 1970


                                                               i.      “Joint Feasibility Study on a Free Trade Agreement Between Chile and China              http://www.direcon.cl/documentos/Estudio%20Factibilidad%20Acuerdo%20Chile-China.pdf

                                                             ii.      China a hot customer for Chile   http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/536641/1387404

                                                            iii.      China and Chile Hold First Round of Talks on FTA Service Trade and Investment”    http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/newsrelease/significantnews/200701/20070104288903.html

                                                          iv.      China, Chile start new FTA talks as one goes into effect” http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/bizchina/2006-11/30/content_746607.htm


                                                               i.      Cross-Continental Bilateral