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Trade Agreements

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Trade Agreements

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Japan - Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement

Area of Cooperation

Goods, Services, Investment, Intellectual Property, Dispute Settlement

Sign Date

January 1, 2005

In Force Date

January 1, 1970


Under the Agreement, both countries will work to eliminate all tariffs within ten years. The partnership will allow Japanese firms to move into the Malaysian car market. The tariffs on Japanese cars will be eliminated by 2015. Trade in Japan is expected to increase as Japan is Malaysia’s third largest trading partner. JMEPA will strengthen the economic ties between the two countries and remains a solid basis for the facilitation of trade between the countries.


                                                               i.      Bilateral


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Additional Links

                                                               i.      http://www.miti.gov.my/fta-japan.html

                                                             ii.      http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/asia-paci/malaysia/joint0505.html