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Foreign Direct Investment and the Current Account Surplus in China

    An important factor in the tremendous growth in Chinese exports, was the country's pursuit of policies encouraging the establishment of foreign-invested factories. In 2004, nearly half of Chinese exports were produced by foreign-invested firms. Initially, China had major political concerns of relinquishing control of Chinese assets to foreigners, due to the socialist character of the economy. Once they recognized that FDI could ...

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The State of the Vietnamese Stock Market

The hottest story off the presses in the global economy focuses on a country that until recently has had a market capitalization smaller than that of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Vietnam has since then emerged from its cocoon, and its markets are on fire. In the last year, its stock market index surged 145 percent. In just the first two ...

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Forging an India-Pakistan Economic Partnership

Forever tied by a shared history but broken apart by fate, India and Pakistan are like a divorced couple seeking retribution. The conflict has gone on for over half a century with the situation getting direr by the day. India and Pakistan need to look beyond their religious and political differences and open their eyes to the economic growth that ...

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